Mr Nuro – After The Fold

Mr Nuro – After The Fold [082514]

01 Marcel Dettmann – Plain
02 Gaga – Blackmail (Matt Sassari Remix)
03 Chaton – +91 Ahead Session 1
04 Klockworks – Steady Plus (Ryan Elliott Edit)
05 Loco Dice – Phat Dope Shit (Dub)
06 Genius Of Time – Tom Jam
07 Chris Page – Derailleur
08 Matt O’Brien – Serotone (Radio Slave Remix)
09 Victor Shan – How You Want It (Tuff City Kids Remix)
10 LetKolben – Fifth
11 Kevin Yost – Informed
12 Sterac & Steve Rachmad – The Lost Of A Love (Dub)
13 Pittsburgh Track Authority – Haywire (Spencer Parker Edit)
14 Ben Klock & Dettmann – Dawning
*Lil’ Mark – At That Place (Acappella)
15 Matthew Johnson – When Love Sounds Like Crying (Orun Edit)

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Coming Home by Kevo on Mixcloud

 Kevin McGee

DJ Alias:

 Columbia, MO

What was the first record you purchased?

Man thats a tough one for sure.. I had purchased a crate of records from someone here in town..

What drew you to the type of dance music that you play?

Movement (anything that moves me)

What type of platform do you prefer to perform on?

Cdj’s w/ serato

You have been involved with the midwest dance music scene for a long time, how has it changed in the past few years?

Its has had its up and downs. There has def been a revival of positivity and a sense of togetherness. I’d like to see that movement progress and stay strong..

Tell us about the DJ collective you are part of, Midwest Massive.

It was formed around 2003 as a production company, where my role was promoter/booking agent till about 2007. It has evolved into a DJ collective since that time, connecting/ networking with other like minded dj’s/ promoters and producers in the region.

Escape in the Beats recently wrapped up its 8th year. What is your role in the event?

I am the “talent co-ordinator”, basically I communicate with the 30+ dj’s we host every year. Manage time slots for the event. Hype man.

What do you think can be done to get the under 30 crowd in the US interested in house and techno?

Exposure. In the right context. Knowledge. proper education.

When is the best time to listen to dance music?


Besides music, what else do you collect, if anything?


What do you order at the bar?

Single tall rum & coke

Obstruct- Othe EP [RHEO]

When parody becomes reality and satire delivers the news. When kids can’t imagine or even tie their shoes. When academics don’t matter and taxes pay the rich. Maybe then we’ll open our eyes to this total bullshit. Obstruct drops his first solo multi track EP with three hypnotic pieces that have punch, character, and depth.

Support from: Andre Ramos, Atie Horvat, Axkan, Blank Code, Chamomile, Complicit, Dan Deliverance, Dean Paul, Demian George, Dj Hyperactive, Dj Shiva, Garrett Dillon, Joel Morgan, Justin Schumacher, Lance Blaise, Margin Walker, Milkplant, Ricardoo Garduño, Sone, Tony Kasper, Tunnel, Uun & many more..

Catalog#: RHE008
Label: Rheostatus
Artist: Obstruct
Title: Othe EP
Release date: August 15, 2014
Format: MP3 & WAV
Genre: Techno

1. Obstruct – Othe (Original Mix)
2. Obstruct – Rument (Original Mix)
3. Obstruct – Symtry (Original Mix)

House Recipe

House Recipe

Posted In Events

Saturday, August 16th
10:00pm – 1:30am

Four play music/Marinated/ presents:

House Recipe

Blending Vietnamese and French cuisine with the House flavor. Monthly event featuring PK ( and EG (Four play music/Marinated) as your residents. Kitchen open late.

Rotating guests include:
8.16 – Todd Howard
9.13 – Jeffrey Bass
10.11 – Jason Kidd

iPhotower Vietnamese-French Bistro
3623 Broadway St, Kansas City, Missouri 64111


jux·ta·pose >> DJane edition

Friday, August 29th
9:00pm to 1:30am presents:


Verb : To place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

2 rooms : 2 crews

Friday, August 29th, 2014
9pm – 1:30am
21+, No Cover // All Vibe
$3 well and rotating drink specials

Main Room DJane’s >>

Tonality (Columbia, MO)
[ toh-nal-i-tee ]
noun [plural to·nal·i·ties.]
1. Music.
a. the sum of relations, melodic and harmonic, existing between the tones of a scale or musical system.
b. a particular scale or system of tones; a key.

Amanda Pate (

Opening Set >>

Tivva (kcmo :: debut performance)

Niche >>

Josh C (


Todd Howard ( :: Underground Freqs)

Main Room Sound and additional lighting >> ACC Productions

Niche (upstairs) Sound >> Meta Hi Fi

See you on the dance floor!

Uptown Arts Bar
3611 Broadway, Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Additional parking behind the building


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