Kansas City Techno is a melting pot of ideas from which pours creativity, intuition, perspective, taste, experience, and flavor. The group reflects a collective of unique souls and personalities, all focused on a single common denominator—the musical experience of each listener. With focus drawn from distinctive personal experiences, we strive to provide an unsurpassed atmosphere at our events deeply rooted in the traditions of underground electronic musical culture. The vast majority of our members each have over a decade of experience behind the decks, enabling increased depth to their musical selection and technical skills.


Kansas City Techno was formed in 2008 by Andrew Boie, Josh C, Mr. Brent Nuro, and Obstruct, as an outlet for their creative talents as dj’s and producers. The family quickly grew, adding the talents of Z Sonic, Todd Howard, PK and Amjanda to the roster. The most recent addition is St. Louis native Jonah Brotman.


Kansas City Techno has a rich history of thoughtfully produced dance music events spanning the Kansas City metro area, and members hold current residencies at venues all over town. The crew is regularly involved with full scale events, socials, discos, and underground warehouse after parties, so chances are very good that you have already experienced a portion of the Kansas City Techno family.


Notable guests at Kansas City Techno events include DVS1, Truncate, Dj Shiva, Adam Jay, Concept, Woody McBride, Lunatik, Jesse Jakob, Aaron Litchke, John Templeton, Tyrell Williams, Lance DeSardi, Tunnel, Axkan, Komprezzor as well as nearly every notable artist in the Kansas City region.


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