Obstruct is one of many pseudonyms spearheaded by long time producer/performer Rob Romine. His compounding influences date back to the early 90’s and continue to surface through many different outlets. Since 2013, Rob has dedicated his focus on his own Rheostatus label, building a discography that has rooted himself in the world of techno.

Since the label’s debut, Rob has launched a bi-monthly label night Current, featuring guests such as Truncate, Axkan, Garrett Dillon, Komprezzor, Sone, and Uun. This night takes place at the primire sound installation of the Meta Hi-Fi system at Niche located in downtown Kansas City. The night features live PA performances from top artists as well as upcoming artists throughout the midwest.

As a member of the established Kansas City Techno collective, no compromises have been made to make techno a staple sound in the Midwest. The crew is a diverse group of artists focused on producing, performing, and promoting Techno.

Rob’s influential sound continues to challenge the status quo in a genre flooded with copy cats and repeaters. His unique flavor has a sophisticated energy with thought provoking melodies and rhythms that coexist in an environment surrounded by bass and distortion.