With a well-honed ear from early influences of experimental sounds, Todd Howard draws inspiration from the connection that stems between Detroit and Berlin. His taste constantly shifts, blurring the lines between deep house, minimal, tech house and techno.

Since joining in 2009, Todd has increasingly become more active. Locally, he has competed as a finalist in the Wakarusa DJ Winter Classic, played Global Dance Festival KC and was named the Pitch’s 2012 Readers Choice #1 Best Club/Party DJ.

Todd has become a cornerstone of and his involvement with kctdc goes beyond the DJ booth. He is one of the primary contributors to the website’s blog and assists with design and procurement of the group’s merchandise.

Recently, Todd’s focus has been on his monthly residencies, Static and Space Time, at the Uptown Arts Bar/Niche in midtown KC. His night brings together a wide range of electronic music and has featured talent from across the nation.