ZSonic is a turntablist, producer, mc, and dancer.  He’s had songs, remixes and EPs released across numerous labels including Them Flavors, Generation Bass, No Shame, and Nerotica.  He has self-releases available at Zsonic.bandcamp.com.
Z’s sonic roots are in funk, soul, hip-hop, and house.  His branches compass many realms of sound from techno to juke, ambient to rave, experimental to cheeky, and under water to outer space.  A deep passion for music seeps through all of his auditory endeavors and leaves that robust yet smooth ZSonic flavor on your lips so when you kiss your girl she’s like, “awwwwww yeeeeaahhh you taste so good.”
Live, ZSonic is known for his explosive stage energy, eclectic musicallity and turntable skills.
He has played all over the midwest supporting some of your favorite acts such as Egyptian Lover, Roc Raida, Crystal Method, Bambounou, Kingdom, Mumblz, Legion, Andrew Boie, and Quixotic. He’s a beast on decks.